Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains information for the successful participation in our offered trainings, courses and lectures. If, contrary to expectations, you cannot find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate using our contact form to drop a message.

There is also the possibility of a closed training course. This is particularly suitable for companies that want to train their employees but do not want to pass on internal information to outside people (e. g. other course participants). This allows direct questions for the company to be addressed and solutions to be worked out together. In this case the number of participants is determined by the client. The price of a closed training course depends on the number of participants and the additional effort. The necessary details are discussed on a confidential basis in a free preliminary discussion.

In order to achieve the best results for everyone involved, the number of participants is in most cases limited to 12 people.

Recording the course content as audio or video is only permitted with express prior written approval.


You can use the registration form to register for a course or have it reserved without obligation. Only when enough interested persons (5 or more people) have come together will all interested parties be given appointment suggestions. After a common date has been found, the final course subscription can be done. Access to the course will only be communicated by email after full payment of the course fee has been received. If you are unable to attend the course for urgent reasons, e. g. illness, you have the option of rebooking to another date or of having the course fee reimbursed in full before the start of the course.


In order to ensure the best possible learning atmosphere for all participants, please observe the following rules:

  • The general tone is always polite and respectful. Patience is a virtue that we embrace.
  • The address in the course for all participants, including the trainer, is the YOU. Should this not be desired e. g. in closed groups, I ask for prior information by e-mail in order to formally form the personal salutation.
  • All courses are held as an online conference, which means for all participants, without exception, that the camera is switched on for the entire duration of the course. Course participants who are unwilling to turn on their camera will be excluded from the course after three requests without any right to a refund.
  • A course day begins (Central European Time) 9:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm – and includes several breaks totaling 120 minutes. The lunch break is from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. The course times can also be arranged individually if all course participants have agreed.


Hardware: Webcam, Microphone, 2 Monitor (optimal)
GitHub account
Web Browser: Firefox or Chromium