Latest Past Events

jConf Peru 2021 – Maven POM demistified: enhance your build

online / remote

Since more than a decade Apache Maven is one of the most convenient Build and Reporting tools for Java projects. The success of this tool is quit more than just being a build tool. It solves problems in a simple manner. As developer you need run your Maven Build several times, but often the knowledge is missing how to manipulate the build without change the build logic called POM. I will show some tricks how to solve problems when your Maven got stuck. In this presentation I cover regular developer issues and how to overcome them. Because a well working build is more than just a bit of DevOps techniques.

Learn things about token replacement, executable jar, BOM, Dependency Management, enforcement, reporting and much more in live demonstrations.

BarCamp RD 2021 – API4Future: A journey how to create a stable API

online / remote

API Changes always are very risky activities and need a good planning to not crash a project. Because this could cost a lot of adjustments and work for API consumers. In this talk I will share my experience how to prevent common problems designing APIs.

{j}DD Poland 2021 – Refactoring Disasters: A Story how I failed

online / remote

For my small Open Source project TP-CORE, you can find it on GitHub, I had the gorgeous Idea to replace the iText library for OpenPDF. After I made a plan how I could reach my goal I started all necessary activities. But in real life the things never that easy like we have originally in mind. I failed with my idea and in this talk I will let you know what happened exactly. I talk about my motivation why I wanted the replacements and how was my plan to success all activities. You will get to know how it was when I reached the point, I realized I will not make it. I give a brief explanation what I did that this short adventure did not affect the rest of the project.