jConf Peru 2021

Mission accomplished: deploy to Maven Central

Many developers have ideas they work on it in their spare time. The most of us are convinced about open source and share their own projects on platforms like GitHub. But what happen after a publication of the source code? If you really want to gain people to use your project you’re not done yet. It’s also a good idea to publish your artifacts for a simple usage.

The most famous storage for binary Java Artifacts is Maven Central. Doesn‘t matter if you use in your projects Ivy, Gradle or Maven as dependency management, all those technologies access to Maven Central. In this talk you will learn how to publish your artifacts with Maven to Sonatype Nexuss OSS. We pass through all steps from creating accounts until the the binaries are available. In between I give some general hints about the usage of repository managers and helpful tricks for a lightweight Release Management.

Learn things about token replacement, executable jar, BOM, Dependency Management, enforcement, reporting and much more in live demonstrations.

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/elmardott/mission-accomplished-deploy-to-maven-central

Grazer Linux Tage 2019

Challenges to create your own Open Source Project

Den eigenen Source-Code auf GitHub zu veröffentlichen ist ein erster Schritt zum eigene Open-Source-Projekt. Aber bei weitem nicht der einzige.

  • das kleine Lizenz 1×1
  • Promotion on GitHub
  • Veröffentlichungen auf Maven Central
  • Continuous Integration in the Cloud – Travis CI
  • Public Code Coverage with Coveralls

Neben diesen Themen werden viele kleine Aspekte, die sich im Rahmen eines Projektes ergeben, angeschnitten. In Zusammenarbeit mit: KreativgeistAT

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/elmardott/2019-linuxtage-challenges-to-create-your-own-open-source-project