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JCON world 2023

November 21, 2023 @ 19:00 19:45

Continuous Stupidities – Myths of DevOps

Even if it used to be called configuration management, it does not mean that the old problems have been eliminated with the beautiful new name DevOps. Due to the increasing complexity of projects and ignorance of the tools, today’s strategies and workflows that are expected of the development teams only achieve a new quality.

Many DevOps teams take the approach of automating all possible work steps. This even goes so far as to try to automate the automation itself. In principle, there would be nothing wrong with this, if the solution would then also help the development teams to work through their daily tasks efficiently. Unfortunately, many of the solutions I have come across in my professional life in recent years are far from that. Rather, they create development environments that hinder the daily work instead of simplifying it. So let’s take a closer look together and discuss what serious effects carelessly made decisions have on the future success of a project. Of course, we will also find one or the other highlight from development that causes more than just a little headache for the company.

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