Training: Apache Maven Build Management

The Apache Maven build tool has been successfully established in both commercial and open source Java projects for over a decade. Maven is therefore a central part of the automated CI /CD pipeline in DevOps processes.

The course: \’Build Management with Apache Maven\’ consists of several components, which can be tailored to your individual needs in a free preliminary discussion. The duration of the course depends on the modules you select and can vary from one day to 5 days. No previous experience with Maven is required.

The course is aimed at developers who need to adapt and extend the Maven build logic in projects, as well as experienced build managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of Maven.

The course is conducted exclusively remotely and can also be booked for closed groups. If you are interested in the course content offered do not hesitate to contact me .


  • Basic Concepts
    • Java Build Tools: Apache Ant, Apache Maven & Gradle
    • What is Build Management?
    • Terms and concepts
    • Installation & configuration
  • Project Object Model
    • Don’t repeat yourself: Directories and structures
    • IDE Integration
    • The POM in detail
    • The Build – Lifecycle
  • Archetypes: Create project structures
  • Dependency Management
    • Maven Central – the remote Repository
    • Integrate third-party repositories
    • Bill of Materials (BoM)
    • Scopes
    • Manage version numbers
    • Run your own repository server
    • Deploy to Maven Central
  • Test automation with Maven and JUnit 5
    • JUnit Tests
    • Integration Tests
    • Determine test coverage
    • Behavioral Driven Development
    • Architecture Tests
    • Testcontainers with Docker
    • Working with profiles
    • Token Replacement Properties
    • Define profiles
    • A simple release process
  • Maven on the command line
  • Maven Site – The Reporting Engine
  • Security
    • encrypted passwords
    • Firmar artefactos propios
    • Routing rules for repositories
    • OWASP & Vulnerability Checks
  • Advanced techniques
    • Multi module projects and microservices
    • Maven Docker Container

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