Training: Linux Desktop and Server

The topic of open source has been successful in corporate use for many years. As a free operating system, Linux has more installations than Microsoft. Linux dominates particularly in the commercial environment as server installations. But a lot has also happened in the desktop area, so that Linux is no longer an exotic exception for hobbyists interested in computers. An important driving force behind the growing success of Linux is the area of virtualization with technologies such as LNX and Docker.

In the courses ‘Linux for Managers‘ and ‘Linux for Users‘ you will learn all the important points for a successful switch in your company from Microsoft Windows / Server to Linux. Significantly improve productivity in your company with Linux and at the same time significantly reduce costs in the area of hardware and software licenses. An overview of the various distributions and desktop managers will help you choose the Linux that is best for you. But the areas of security, hardware, virtualization, network and software availability are also part of the courses.

The courses are aimed at managers as well as users and developers who want to comply with Microsoft’s many restrictions and specifications since the introduction of Windows 10 and want to take control of their own hardware and software again. The duration of the course can vary from 1 day to 4 days depending on the modules you choose.

The course is carried out exclusively remotely and can also be booked individually for closed groups. For optimal learning success, the group size should not be more than 10 attendees per appointment. If you are interested in the course content offered, please do not hesitate to contact me .


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