Training: DevOps practical training for developer

When a company decides to develop software according to the DevOps philosophy, there is a great opportunity to provide customers with more robust software in shorter development cycles. Together, all stakeholders must change the corporate culture so that the design, development, testing and operation of software go hand in hand.

For developers, this usually means a significant expansion of requirements and responsibilities: topics such as containerization , integration tests, monitoring and logging should be considered and mastered. In this practical seminar, you will familiarize yourself with the many different technologies and methods based on a real software project in Java & Spring Boot.

The 3-day seminar ‘DevOps Practical Training for Developers‘ is conducted exclusively online (remotely) and can also be booked for closed groups. If you are interested in the offered course content please do not hesitate to contact me .


  • Introduction
    • “You build it – you run it!”: What does DevOps mean for developers?
    • Tools and methodologies
    • Planning and agility
  • Docker
    • Introduction and concepts
    • Use containers
    • Building your own images
    • Docker Compose for easy orchestration
  • Maven
    • The importance of build tools in the DevOps workflow
    • Introduction and concepts
    • Single Point of Trust
    • Practical examples
  • Java Sample Project & Spring Boot
    • What is Spring Boot?
    • The importance of software architectures
    • Architecture Tests
  • Integration tests
    • What is the importance of testing for DevOps?
    • How is an infrastructure built for efficient testing?
    • What is the difference between unit and integration tests
    • Embedded Integration Tests with Maven
    • The Testcontainer Framework
  • Logging & Reporting
    • The importance of logging
    • Typical Frameworks & Formats
    • How is logging used in application operation?
    • Reporting with Maven
  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring concepts
    • Which metrics are monitored?
    • An example monitor with Spring Boot, Prometheus and Grafana

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