Training: Docker Virtualization

The industry has already recognized that Docker is a very efficient way to provide working environments for developers. However, in this course you will learn from scratch how to set up and operate such a working environment on your own development computer in an efficient and time-saving way.

In the course “Docker Virtualization” you will learn how to benefit from the many advantages Docker brings to your everyday development work. Encapsulated parallel installations that are easy to update and also save wetvolle system resources. Optimize your productivity by testing the same code base on different environments that you can easily run in parallel and switch on and off as needed. Use the time you save to focus on the really important things, programming.

This 2 day course is conducted exclusively remotely and can also be booked for closed groups. If you are interested in the offered course content please do not hesitate to contact me .


  • terms and concepts
  • Installation on Windows & Linux
  • DockerHub: Structure of a LAMP stack
    • MySQL
    • PhpMyAdmin
    • Apache 2 + PHP
  • Basic commands
    • Container display, start & stop
    • Images create, display and delete
    • instantiate complex Images
  • executing Container
  • create own Images
    • extend Apache 2 PHP containers with common PHP modules
  • grouping Images with Docker Compose
  • Docker UI Portainer

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