Training: Cloud & Application Security

As an operator of web-based applications, you are always exposed to the risk of cyber attacks. For this reason, it is important to deal intensively with the topic of security. In this online course you will learn about different attack vectors on applications and which countermeasures you can take. You will also get a lot of background information about motivation and legal aspects. But also the virtualized infrastructure needs some attention. For example, some rules have been established for the operation of Kubernetes clusters and Docker containers, which lead to higher operational security. Databases and NoSQL will also be discussed.

The delivery of the 2 day seminar \’Cloud & Application Security\’ is exclusively online (remote) and can also be booked for closed groups. If you are interested in the offered course content please do not hesitate to contact me .


  • Legal framework, security & cyber crime
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • The Hypertext Transfer Protokoll (HTTP)
  • Authorization & Authentication
  • Parameters, Variables & Forms
  • preventing SQL Injections
  • Hash – method and password security
  • Sessions, cookies & how to create randomness
  • Content Security Policy
  • OWASP: Potential danger libraries and applications
  • Buffer Overflow & Race Conditions
  • Webserver, HTTPS, Secure Shell (ssh) & Fork Bomb
  • Kubernets, Dockerand a little Linux

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