Training: Version control with Git

Since its appearance, Git has established itself as one of the most important developer tools. This success is not exclusively due to its free availability, but is based on well thought-out concepts and good performance. In addition to the pure versioning of different working states of the source code, Source Control Management (SCM) tools such as Git also enable the joint editing of project files in the team.

In the course “Version Control with Git” you will learn the safe handling of Git, the leading version control system in software development. It does not matter which programming language is used in your project. You will learn how to organize a repository and which processes you can use to virtually eliminate common problems in dealing with SCM systems. The focus is on mechanisms to avoid merge conflicts.

The course offering is aimed at both developers and experienced configuration managers. The course content can be tailored to the different needs through a preliminary discussion.

The course is conducted exclusively remotely and can also be booked for closed groups. If you are interested in the offered course content please do not hesitate to contact me .


  • Source Control Management
    • Version control and teamwork
    • A short history about Git
    • Installation and configuration
  • The workspace
  • Base commands
    • Creating a new project
    • The first checkout
    • Add, rename & remove files
    • Pull, Push and Commit
    • Change the workspace
    • Undo changes
  • Work with tags
  • Branch & Merge
    • Create branches
    • Delete branches
    • The Git Flow and other Branch Models
    • How conflicts arise
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Merge versions
  • Information Retrieval
    • The History Object
    • Commit Messages – Summary of a commit
    • Track changes
    • Visualizations
  • Workflows
    • Pull Requests
    • Change the Remote Repositories
  • Server solutions
    • SCM-Manager
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
  • Advanced concepts
    • Create Patches
    • Cherry Picking
    • Rebase

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